Automating Trello Custom Fields
with the Butler Power-Up

Trello Custom Fields

Custom Fields is a Trello power-up (developed by Trello Inc) that allows you to add structured data to cards. The data can be numeric, dates, text, checkboxes or selection lists. Custom fields are an excellent way to tailor Trello for your own processes and make the most of it.

You can learn more about Custom Fields, and find instructions on how to enable and use the power-up in this Trello help page.

As with almost everything in Trello, Butler lets you automate custom fields: you can set custom fields automatically, and also react to changes to their values. This page contains several examples of setting up Custom Field automations with Butler, with detailed video instructions.

IMPORTANT In order to automate custom fields, both the Custom Fields power-up and the Butler power-up need to be enabled.

Setting Trello Custom Fields Automatically

You can set, update, and clear custom field values with Butler rules and custom buttons.

This video shows a Butler rule setting several custom fields automatically upon card creation.

Updating the Value of a Trello Custom Field

Sometimes, we want to modify the value of a custom field taking into account the current value.

  • Butler can increase or decrease the value of a numeric custom field.
  • Butler can move the date stored in a custom field by a number of days, working days, weeks, months, etc.

This video shows a Butler custom card button updating the values of custom fields.

Reacting to Changes in Trello Custom Fields

Changes in Custom Fields can also be used to trigger Butler rules. Butler can recognize and react to:

  • All or some of the custom fields being completed in a card.
  • A custom field being set or cleared.
  • A text or list custom field being set to a particular value.
  • A numeric custom field being set above or below a certain value, or within a range of values.
  • A custom field being set to a date in this week or month, or within a number of days or working days.

This video demonstrates Butler reacting automatically to a change in a numeric custom field.

Using Custom Field Values in Automation

Butler can read the value of custom fields and add use them in other actions.

For example, you may want to log the value of several custom fields at a point in time by posting a comment, or move a card to a board using the value of a custom field as part of the name of the board.

You can use the value of a custom field in any Butler card automation by using the format {{%Custom Field Name}}.

This video demonstrates creating a rule that logs the value of several custom fields when a card is moved to a new list.

Sorting Cards by Custom Field Values

Butler can sort lists by multiple criteria, including the content of custom fields.

Sorting can be ascending or descending, and use up to two criteria at a time (i.e. specify a second sort within equal values of the first criterion.)

This video demonstrates creating a custom board button to sort a list using two custom fields as primary and secondary criteria.

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