Enterprise Butler

Manage your Trello Enterprise deployment at scale

At enterprise scale, it's important to monitor and apply company standards and policies, but the complexity of administration and maintenance increases exponentially.

Enterprise Butler is our solution to manage your Trello Enterprise account efficiently.

React to events across all Enterprise teams and boards

Enterprise Butler integrates with your Trello Enterprise account and lets you define company-wide rules. Examples:

  • Automatically enable certain power-ups when a board is created, or disable anauthorized power-ups when enabled by a user.
  • Automatically delete attachments when their names match (or not match) certain patterns.
  • Notify an email address when an external person has been invited to certain boards, and remove them.
  • Add boards to collections automatically based on naming.
  • Etc...

Apply standards consistently across all Enterprise teams and boards

Butler can ensure that security settings, preferences and naming conventions are applied consistently across your organization.

User On-Boarding

While SSO (single sign-on) solves the authentication of your users in Trello, it won't help with the initial user setup: adding new users to teams or boards automatically, for example. Also, the full names in their Trello accounts may not match your internal directory.

Enterprise Butler can apply rules to new users, and use external sources of data (integration may be required) to automatically assign consistent full names, add users to teams and boards automatically, and perform other automation actions supported by Butler.

Administration Automation

Untamed board growth ends up in the equivalent of a corporate haystack. Abandoned boards clutter and slow down the Trello user interface.

Butler can quarantine and delete unused boards after configurable periods of time, with user notifications and opt-outs.


Enterprise Butler operates as a custom bot for your company. You retain full control of access to your Trello account. Customer data is encrypted at rest (certain data temporarily stored in an execution queue may not be encrypted). Custom log expiry periods are available.

Professional Services

As the leading Trello automation company, we offer deep understanding and extensive experience in Trello workflow automation solutions, as well as integration with other systems. We can include consultancy and other services in your Butler Enterprise agreement to make the most of Butler and Trello.

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