Automation Is Easy

With the most powerful automation tool for Trello

Introducing the Butler Power-Up
Built from the ground up and optimized for Trello. The perfect integration.

Multiple Ways To Automate

React automatically to your (and your colleagues') actions on the board.

Scheduled commands
Perform tasks periodically, such as creating cards, sorting lists, or archiving cards.

Custom buttons
Add buttons to the Trello user interface with canned actions tailored to your workflow.

Powerful, yet easy to use

No programming knowledge required
Commands are entered in plain English using a point-and-click interface.

The richest palette of Trello triggers and actions available in any tool. And continuously improving.

Advanced actions
Sort lists by multiple criteria (e.g. by label and time in list), shuffle the cards in a list, copy one or more random cards from a list, etc.

The Butler Bot interface
Ultimate power.

Butler was originally born as a conversational bot that reacted to commands entered as cards on your boards. While the Power-Up offers supreme convenience and integration, you can also interact with Butler using the Bot interface.

Bot User
The bot performs actions as a separate user (@butlerbot). This makes it easier to differentiate the automated actions, but can lead to an increase of Trello notifications. Additionally, the bot needs to be invited to every board (does not apply to Enterprise Butler).

Wider Palette
The Bot interface has a richer palette of actions and triggers than the Power-Up. It also features programming constructs such as conditionals and "for each" loops. But it is harder to use and more intrusive on your boards. We recommend most users get started with the Power-Up and move to the bot only if they require it.

Commands on the Board
Butler commands are entered directly as cards on the board, or separately as global commands in the dashboard interface.

Throught the years, a vibrant community of users has gathered around the Butler Bot public Trello board, offering videos, commands and even complete board automation examples. You can also find all the documentation about the bot interface there.
Open the Butler Bot public Trello board Access your Butler Bot Dashboard

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